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Customized Spray Tan

Whether you are looking for a light glow or a more tropical just got back from the beach tan we got you covered. 



Rapid Spray Tan

Have a fun night out  but can't wait for our regular tan to develop?  Our rapid tan is your go to!! With a development time of 3-4 hours, you can rinse and still llook amazing. 



Cosmo Natural Solution

Our newest color, with over 82% natural and organic ingredients. The color is flawless and its our longest lasting solution. 




Bring a friend and you each get a tan for only $35 each. 



Tanning Package 

This amazing package gives you three spray tans to choose from regular, rapid and Cosmo options. This package can be shared and is good for 1 year. 


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Spray Tan Membership

Our one of kind membership gives you access to 2 tanning sessions per month, 10% off products and an option to add a tan for only $30! 


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